Windows Driver Troubleshooting Guide

Windows driver is a common issue for computer enthusiasts/technicians like me. Based on my experiences it happens most of the time during:
  1. New hardware installation
  2. Change of windows version
  3. Windows update
  4. Computer Virus infections
  5. Windows driver corruption

This is what your device gonna look like in device manager if you have driver issue.

If any of these things happens to you, your hardware performance will be affected, read windows driver. Don’t panic you may be able to fix it on your own, just follow basic Windows Driver Troubleshooting Guide here.

Step 1. Identify what device is having problem. Windows Device Manger is our best option to deal with it. Read: Windows Device Manger

Step 2. Check device manufacturer’s support site for updated driver. Most of computer devices now a day have excellent support sites.

Step 3. Windows Update. Sometimes Windows default driver is ok, I used default drivers for HDD, Monitor, Keyboard, mouse and others.

Step 4. Automated tool, Finally if you cannot find it then let the 3rd party do the dirty works for you. Most of the time they are better than us, is their job to find us required Windows Drivers.

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