Acer Aspire 5610z Windows 7 and XP Driver Support

I got another side job in the office, my officemate have Acer Aspire 5610z. Last week he was playing with his windows 7 installer given by his older brother. So he immediately installed it to his Aspire upgrading from windows vista home without considering windows driver support from Acer. To make story short, he was disappointed that his Aspire are not completely compatible to windows 7. So downgrading is necessary, but this time he wants it to be windows XP.

So he asked me to help him do it this time. While windows XP clean install is going I have my computer busy downloading all its XP drivers on Acer site.

Acer driver support is good that it will give you all drivers you needed as per your OS version requirement. BUT not the latest :)

So windows XP installation was fast and easy, its now time for windows driver installation. After installing all drivers I am left with one unknown “PCI device”. I am guessing it’s the modem but driver don’t recognizes it so I am giving it until tomorrow searching for driver if none then he may take it home with one unknown device.


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