Windows 7 Clean Install

Are you excited of installing Windows 7 on your PC? Yes I am!

As I can remember windows installation from windows 2000 to it's latest windows 7 is considerably easy.

Before you get this welcome screen from Windows 7 you may want to read below article.

A Windows 7 clean install simply means an installation of Windows 7 on an unused partition on your hard drive. In most cases, though, a clean install of Windows 7 means to remove an existing operating system (Windows XP, Linux, Windows 7... doesn't matter) and to replace it with a fresh installation of Windows 7.

After serious Windows 7 problems or during a new Windows 7 installation with an older operating system installed that you'd like to replace, it's best to wipe your primary hard drive partition clean and install Windows 7 from scratch - a procedure referred to as a "clean install" or sometimes as a "custom install".

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