Windows XP Device Manager – Floppy Disk Controller and Drives

Was working on a friend computer having error with Windows XP Driver, the audio device is not recognized by Windows XP when I noticed that Floppy disk controller and Floppy disk drive are listed on device driver even no such device are installed.

Out of curiosity I wanted to know how can disable it. My quick search reveals below:

When you disable the floppy controller in Device Manager, it may also be disabled in the computer's Basic Input/Output System (BIOS).

When you disable the floppy controller in Device Manager, it may also be disabled in the computer's Basic Input/Output System (BIOS).

This issue occurs because of a problem with the Plug and Play BIOS used by some computers.

To resolve this issue, contact the computer manufacturer to inquire about the availability of an updated BIOS for your computer.

To work around this issue, re-enable the floppy controller in the computer's BIOS. For information about how to do so, contact the computer manufacturer.

This is from Microsoft...

I also tried disabling floppy controller in the BIOS, it was easy but when I checked device manager it is still there....

Disabling it on the device manager may be the easiest for the moment.

This process will disable the device but still show it on Device Manager so I guess we have to contact motherboard manufacturer to get BIOS update or anything..

Is My Motherboard Dead?

My third computer just doesn’t open after whole day of using it.
Was happily using it the whole day with my regular workload, internet, MS Office and some webpage designing. So I rested for an hour then back again but to my surprise it doesn’t open.
  • No beeping
  • No display in the monitor
  • CPU fan is working.
I opened the CPU box to check what is happening inside. Everything seems to be normal. So I tried to reseat the RAM then power on expecting to hear beeping to no avail. Then I removed all connection and cleaned everything inside the CPU box, I was actually expecting that dirt is causing loose connection but still no joy. I also tried replacing PSU with a working one but still no joy.

I’m now checking for motherboard replacement. Do you think it’s the culprit?
It has Windows XP on it with all windows drivers updated.

Thank guys!

Dell GX 270 Windows XP Repair

I am happy this afternoon before going home, My officemate’s computer is now working and in good shape after battling with Trojans, worms, viruses name it and her computer have it.

So it a Dell GX 270, pretty old isn’t it? Yeah but still good for home use. She ask my help to save her files in her infected computer. It has a funny screen saver saying that “its infected by some virus” that you need to download this and that, and it didn’t allow me to install and uninstall anything form it.

Considering limited resources like extra computer to plug its HDD I managed to install Malwarebytes (my favorite anti-malware). Immediately it removed the funny screensaver. So I’ve download and tried to install Avast (my favorite antivirus) to no avail. It says that I don’t have permission though I am using admin account. I tried Avira and to my surprise it was successful but found nothing (funny though) so I made a “Windows Repair” because USB ports are also not working. After the repair its back to ports are back to normal so I made my back of her precious files (pictures, music, videos – yeah it’s important to her, very!)

After restoration I though everything is OK but still didn’t allow me to install Avast. To my worry that there are still malicious program running behind then I made a clean install. With it I have peace of mind.

Windows device driver is no problem because dell has good driver support. Here is the specs >> GX 270 Specs

Windows 7 and Broken Video Card

Last week my friend let me borrowed his Windows 7 Ultimate. So I was excited to go home to install and see if my system will have a good future with it.

Here is my basic configuration:

Processor: AMD Sempron

Mobo: ECS NU400 (Nvidia chipset)

RAM: 1.5 GB DDR2


Video card: Nvidia 7300 GT DDR-2

I am a Computer System Engineer that reads news and press releases about new things in the industry so I hear lots of good new about it. You may agree with me that it’s a different feeling when you’re really holding it and not just reading it. In short I liked it. That was my first day with Windows 7. Installation was fast and easy.

Second day, when I came back from the office I was my daughter watching her favorite movies in Windows 7 computer, she complained that there is no sounds. I found out that Windows 7 did not find driver for it. It’s a build-it sound device “Realtek”. So I search the web to see if I can get driver for it. Unfortunately I did not find anything.

Third day, while I was checking some of its advance configuration when I heard an small “plik” sounds coming from my CPU box. I actually did not mind it coz my computer was normal. But after few minutes my PC restarted and will not open and started checking I then found out that my video card is broken. Check my video card below.

4 exploded capacitors.

My graphics resolution is on its “recommended” setting.

Do you think Windows 7 broke my video card???

I was using Windows 7 default Windows Driver for this when this thing happened.

Computer turns itself off after 2 seconds. Why?

I press the button to turn the computer on, and the button lights up. Nothing appears on the screen and after about 2 seconds, the computer turns itself off.

I have pulled the power cord out and in, hoping that would fix it, but nothing happened.

"It has Windows Vista for the operating system, if that’s any help.

Is there any way to turn the computer on in safe-mode? If so, I’ll do scans to hopefully fix the problem.

Any ideas?

This problem is most likely due to a faulty power supply. The power supply isn’t stable. Test by using a power supply from another computer, if you can, and replace your power supply with a good or new one.

Continue reading and watch video >> XP Drivers

The Sound on my computer is not working?

"The Sound on my computer is not working what should I do? What could it be?"

First, check that the green speaker pin is connected to the green jack on the back of the computer, like someone else mentioned. Also, check that the speaker icon in the system tray isn’t muted. Try plugging in headphones in place of the speakers, to check you can hear any sound.

Another quick thing that you can do is to do a system restore. Restore it to a date that you know, your sound and speakers worked. Check out the following links to know more about System Restore:

If system restore doesn’t help, try the following:

Run the following command from the Start -> Run box and then press Enter: dxdiag
Click on the Sound tab and you can see the details of your sound card. You can also test your sound card from this tab. Note the name of the sound card, on paper.

Start the Device Manager (Right-click My Computer -> Properties -> Hardware -> Device Manager) In Device Manager, Click the + sign next to “Sound, video and game controllers”. See that the sound driver that you noted above, is listed. Doube-clicking it should give a message that the driver is working fine. If the driver isn’t there, or if it shows a yellow exclamation mark or you get any other message about the sound driver, then reinstall the driver.

In any case, it doesn’t harm, trying a driver uninstall and reinstall. There’s an easier way to do this, as given below:

You could try to use this driver scanning tool, which scans the computer for needed drivers and has an option to automatically retrieve them for you.

After you have downloaded the above file, double-click on it and follow the simple steps to install it. Then, when it asks if you want to run it, just answer yes. This is easier than manually searching, downloading and installing the drivers.

Continue reading >> XP Driver