Windows 7 and Broken Video Card

Last week my friend let me borrowed his Windows 7 Ultimate. So I was excited to go home to install and see if my system will have a good future with it.

Here is my basic configuration:

Processor: AMD Sempron

Mobo: ECS NU400 (Nvidia chipset)

RAM: 1.5 GB DDR2


Video card: Nvidia 7300 GT DDR-2

I am a Computer System Engineer that reads news and press releases about new things in the industry so I hear lots of good new about it. You may agree with me that it’s a different feeling when you’re really holding it and not just reading it. In short I liked it. That was my first day with Windows 7. Installation was fast and easy.

Second day, when I came back from the office I was my daughter watching her favorite movies in Windows 7 computer, she complained that there is no sounds. I found out that Windows 7 did not find driver for it. It’s a build-it sound device “Realtek”. So I search the web to see if I can get driver for it. Unfortunately I did not find anything.

Third day, while I was checking some of its advance configuration when I heard an small “plik” sounds coming from my CPU box. I actually did not mind it coz my computer was normal. But after few minutes my PC restarted and will not open and started checking I then found out that my video card is broken. Check my video card below.

4 exploded capacitors.

My graphics resolution is on its “recommended” setting.

Do you think Windows 7 broke my video card???

I was using Windows 7 default Windows Driver for this when this thing happened.