Dell GX 270 Windows XP Repair

I am happy this afternoon before going home, My officemate’s computer is now working and in good shape after battling with Trojans, worms, viruses name it and her computer have it.

So it a Dell GX 270, pretty old isn’t it? Yeah but still good for home use. She ask my help to save her files in her infected computer. It has a funny screen saver saying that “its infected by some virus” that you need to download this and that, and it didn’t allow me to install and uninstall anything form it.

Considering limited resources like extra computer to plug its HDD I managed to install Malwarebytes (my favorite anti-malware). Immediately it removed the funny screensaver. So I’ve download and tried to install Avast (my favorite antivirus) to no avail. It says that I don’t have permission though I am using admin account. I tried Avira and to my surprise it was successful but found nothing (funny though) so I made a “Windows Repair” because USB ports are also not working. After the repair its back to ports are back to normal so I made my back of her precious files (pictures, music, videos – yeah it’s important to her, very!)

After restoration I though everything is OK but still didn’t allow me to install Avast. To my worry that there are still malicious program running behind then I made a clean install. With it I have peace of mind.

Windows device driver is no problem because dell has good driver support. Here is the specs >> GX 270 Specs

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