Inside Microsoft's Internet Explorer Testing Lab

Until now I hate Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Here are my reasons:
  1. My simple site cannot be loaded properly.
  2. Its like "Welcome virus"
  3. Plugins vs firefox.
  4. Or I just like firefox? :)
But its new version is really looking good...
Read below story from Microsoft Internet Explorer Lab.

"When we were out at Redmond last week for an advance briefing on Internet Explorer 9, we also got a tour of Internet Explorer Testing Labs.

Partner Test Manager Jason Upton took a small group of tech journalists through the facility housed in Microsoft's Building 50. It's an impressive sight—aisle after aisle of desktops lined up like an army of digital soldiers. Upton told us that there were 948 PCs and 119 servers in the lab, each individually configurable through an automation system.

Why so many? Upton said that the lab's vast capabilities let Microsoft configure its browser testing to get the finest possible slices of data. He likened the capability to finding rarified baseball stats like "How left handed hitters do against right-handed pitchers during night games when the wind is blowing from the North." The computer equivalent might be something like how 2GHz AMD 64 PC's with 1GB of DDR2 RAM running Vista SP1 and IE7 perform"...

Read full story >> PCMag

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