PC Won't Turn On

My Windows 7 is acting weird today, it automatically shutdown while I am watching movie and it wont turn on when I tried to turn it on.

After re-seating the RAM it worked but during start up it turned off again. I turned it on again to no avail. So I re-seated the RAM again, it turned on until I finished on movie and I decided to turn it off, however this morning it won't turn on again and I'm now feeling that this take another re-seating to fix it.

I am now checking the hardware hoping to see any visible culprit.

Will be posting here for any development.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated.


  1. UPDATE:
    This morning I decided to remove RAM and Video card for cleaning, ports were also cleaned. As I expected it worked until I shut it down for a break. It was good again on my next use for the day, however when I was finishing my first movie it lost the sounds, freeze then shut off automatically.

    To my frustration I decided to re-seat the video card. It worked but freeze while it was on the desktop then shut down automatically. Turning it on again from the shut down will not work however re-seating the video card will allow me to turn it on up to the desktop but freeze there.

    I am now thinking that the dead fan of my south bridge chipset is causing it.

    Any comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.


  2. Last night I put new thermal compound hoping that it is causing the auto shutdown - no avail.

    I am now considering PSU test. will update here for any development.

  3. ...After 4 days I still can not get a PSU to test with my problematic computer. Its still my last option I want to do before considering anything else.

  4. UPDATE:
    I made a follow post for regarding this issue, please follow below: Is My PC Dead?