Is My Computer Dead?

This is a follow-up post with PC Won't Turn On post.

Today I managed to thoroughly test/troubleshoot my problematic computer. Here are what I’ve done:

  1. Remove motherboard from its casing. I wanted to make sure that there is no faulty grounding.
  2. Replace power supply unit, for isolation purposes.
  3. Remove HDD, RAM, Video card and tested the board with only CPU installed. I was expecting for RAM or video card error.
  4. Re-installed RAM, hoping that will give me video card error as its not yet installed.
  5. Re-installed video card, hoping that it will give me HDD error.
  6. Re-installed HDD, hoping it will boot properly.
  7. System speaker may also be faulty as it don’t make any sound.

I’ve tried each procedure twice in minimum but gave me no joy.

CPU fan and video card fan turns on when powered on but nothing happen. No leaking/bloated capacitors or simply no visual issues on motherboard and its peripherals.

I am now thinking of buying new computer as replacement.

Any suggestions or comments are highly appreciated.


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