Fix Memory(RAM) Problems

Memory (RAM) problem is one of the common computer problem that can easily be fixed by every users.

Below I've lined-up common Memory problem its cause and solution.

Problem 1:
System will not boot or does not function properly after installing additional memory modules.

Memory module is not the correct type or speed grade for the system of the new memory or the new memory module is not seated properly.

  1. Replace module with the correct industry-standard device for the computer.
  2. One some models, ECC and non-ECC momery modules cannot be mixed.

Problem 2:
Out of memory error.

Memory configuration may not be set correctly. You have run out of memory to run the application.

  1. Use the Device Manager to check memory configuration.
  2. Check the application documentation to determine the memory requirements

Problem 3:
Memory count during POST is wrong.

The memory modules may not be installed correctly. Integrated graphics may use system memory.

Check that the memory modules have been installed correctly and that proper modules are used. No action required.

Problem 4:
Insufficient memory error during operation.

To many Terminate and Stay Resident programs (TSRs) are installed. You have run out of memory for the application.

Delete any TSRs that you may not need. check the memory requirement for the application or add more memory to the computer.

Problem 5:
Power LED flashes Red five times, once every second, followed by a two second pause, and the computer beeps five times. (Beeps stop after fifth iteration but LEDs continue flashing.)

Memory is installed incorrectly or is bad.

  1. Re-seat DIMMs. Power on the system.
  2. Replace DIMMs one at a time to isolate the faulty module.
  3. Replace the memory (RAM).
  4. Replace the system board.

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