Fix CD-ROM and DVD Problems

We all love entertainment, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM are one of its source.

Below are common problem that every users should know.

Problem 1:

System will not boot from CD-ROM or DVD drive.

  1. Removable Media Boot is disabled in the Computer Setup utility.
  2. Network Server Mode is enabled in Computer Setup.
  3. Non-bootable CD in drive.
  4. Bood Order not correct.
  1. Run the Computer Setup utility and enable booting to removable media in Storage > Storage Options, Ensure IDE CD-ROM is enabled in Storage > Boot Order.
  2. Run the Computer Setup utility and disable Network Server Mode in Security > Password Options.
  3. Try a bootable CD in the drive.
  4. Run the computer Setup utility and change boot sequence in Storage > Boot Order.
Problem 2:
CD-ROM or DVD devices are not detected or windows driver is not loaded

Drive is not connected or not properly configured

See the documentation that come with the optional device.

Problem 3:
Movie will not play in the DVD drive.

  1. Movie may be regionalized for the different country.
  2. Decoder software is not installed.
  3. Damaged media.
  4. Movie rating locked out by parental lock.
  5. Media installed upside down.
  1. See the documentation that come with DVD drive.
  2. Install decoder software.
  3. Replace media.
  4. Use DVD software to remove parental lock.
  5. Reinstall media.

Problem 3:
Cannot eject compact disc (tray-load unit).

Disc not properly seated in the drive.

Turn off the computer and insert a thin metal rod into the emergency eject hole and push firmly. Slowly pull the tray out from the drive until the tray is fully extended, then remove the disc.

Problem 4:
CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, or DVD-R/RW drive cannot read a disc or take too long to start.

  1. Media has been inserted upside down.
  2. The DVD-ROM drive takes longer to start because it has to determine the type of media played, such as audio or video.
  3. CD or DVD disk is dirty.
  4. Windows does not detect the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive.
  1. Re-insert the Media with the label facing up.
  2. Wait at least 30 secs to let the DVD-ROM drive determine the type of media being played. If the disc still does not start, read the other solution listed for this topic.
  3. Clean CD or DVD with a CD cleaning kit, available from most computer stores.
  4. Use Device Manager to remove or uninstall windows driver in question, the restart your computer.

Problem 5:
Recording audio CDs is difficult or impossible.

Wrong or poor quality media type.

  1. Try using a slower speed when recording.
  2. Verify that you are using the correct media for the drive.
  3. Try a different brand of media Quality varies widely between manufacturers.