Computer is Down Due to Malware/Virus Infection

While I am writing this post I have my other computer being reformatted because of so malware attack!

1. My Avast free antivirus keeps on popping up saying that i has deleted some virus.
2. Malwarebytes (antimalware) is not opening. I've downloaded new version but no joy.
3. My Display Monitor is flickering... and I guess it has something to do with my windows driver or faulty connection line/ports.
4. It is getting slower and slower.

Here is what my computer do.
1. Download torrent :)
2. Play downloaded movie or music.
3. Do my work if I my second computer is not available.

Guess the top 2 of my Computer activity started this issue, though I am not really sure about it.

If Malwarebytes is working I am pretty sure this will not happen to me.

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