Boost Your Computer – Speed it UP!

So I love tweaking my computer to speed it up.
Windows default facilities that helps speed computer are the following:
  1. Services.msc – this the command to launch Windows Services where you can disable and enable services.
  2. Cleanmgr – command to launch Windows Disk Cleaner where you can delete temporary files and other unnecessary files on your computer.
  3. Msconfig – command for Windows System Configuration Utility where you can disable programs that loads during start up.
  4. Disk Manger – where you can defrag your hard drive for faster accessibility of your files.
  5. Check disk or chckdsk /f /r – for checking/repairing hard drive surface/bad sectors. It actually not repairs it but reallocate all files saved on possible broken sector of the drive.
  6. Updating driver will also help.

These are all windows default facility for cleaning your computer and drive which will boost it. But do you know that there are 3rd party facilities to do all of these? Drum roll please….. Ccleaner is my favorite tool to do most of computer booster. For windows update here is my favorite tool: Download Windows Driver

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