Windows 7 driver video cards and other

Anybody plays WOW, Lineage2, Aion, COD(Call of Duty) or any super high definition game on Windows 7? to play those games you must have a powerful video card to do to support you on your video requirement, then of course you'll be needing windows driver for that.

I tried but I failed at first. It was my video card driver incompatibility, fortunately my video card has windows 7 driver update. I am using ATI card and here are my available drivers.
ATI Catalyst™ 10.1 Suite for Windows 7 for 32bit
ATI Catalyst™ 10.1 Suite for Windows 7 for 64bit

And here is for Nvidia:
NVIDIA 3D Vision Driver

here is for your creative:
Solution ID: 61105

Just a bit of a note, most of those drivers are beta so errors may happen.

Enjoy gaming!

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