Gateway LT2014L Windows XP Driver issue

Yesterday my friend doctor asked me to downgrade his new Gateway lt2014l netbook from Windows 7 starter to Windows XP Pro. His Windows 7 starter came with the netbook and everything is working fine. So downgrading for me is pretty easy until its time for me install its devices drivers.

Ok, I am prepared (I thought) because I visited gateway Windows XP support for drivers, everything is there and waiting for download, then I downloaded everything and made it ready. For easy reference I downloaded all drivers compatible to the model and XP version. Gateway has good facility for their driver support.

You may key in your serial number then it will give you all compatible driver, pretty simple isn’t it? Or you may “Browse All Downloads” and manually choose your requirements.

After installing the chipset drivers then I continued with other devices.
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Card reader
  • Touchpad
  • LAN
  • Camera
  • Bluetooth
Everything is fine until I WLAN driver failed.

Ok I did not gave easily, it took me at least 5 hours searching and testing other drivers to no avail! really hate it happened to me... I am just so happy that I found XP Driver that will search the compatible drivers for me. Whalah! I got every drivers I needed!

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