13 Windows Key Tips

For most people, the Windows key (you know, the one with the flag on it?) just sits neglected on your keyboard. It was fairly well known when Vista was released that the then-new (and not yet reviled) OS included a new way to shuffle through open application windows. Using the Windows key while successively pressing the tab key displayed the Aero Flip 3-D view of your windows flying by in mid-screen. Well, that still works in Windows 7, though it's probably just as convenient to stick with the less glitzy Alt-tab to switch through windows, or just choose the one you want from the now-bigger Taskbar.

But the Windows key does a lot more than this fancy scrolling. Windows 7 added a new way to hide all windows at once to reveal the desktop that involves moving the mouse pointer all the way down to the lower-right-hand corner of your screen. While that new Aero Peek is cool, sometimes you want a quicker way to view the desktop. For example, pressing Windows key + D reveals your desktop far quicker than moving the pointer to the corner. If you just want a peek, it's even easier—hit Windows key + Spacebar.

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  1. For most people, the particular House windows crucial (you understand, normally the one using the hole into it?) merely is situated neglected on your own keyboard. It was fairly recognized while Windows vista was released that this then-new (rather than but reviled) Computer itself incorporated the latest way to be able to mix up through available application house windows. While using House windows important whilst successively important the tabs crucial exhibited your Aero Change 3-D take a look at your own home windows soaring simply by in mid-screen. Nicely, that also performs throughout House windows Several, though rapid ejaculation probably equally as convenient to stay with the significantly less glitzy Alt-tab to change through home windows, or just find the one you would like through the now-bigger Taskbar.