Control Your PC Using Only Your Eyes

Built for customers with spinal injuries or limited motor skills, this USB device allows the user to control a PC by mere eye movement.

ZoomTuesday Tobii revealed an eye control device for the PC, a gadget which literally allows the user to control a PC by mere eye movement.

Called the Tobii PCEye, the gadget is primarily designed for those needing an alternative method for controlling a mouse and a computer--those with spinal cord injuries or with limited motor skills due to ALS.

Like an old-school webcam, the Tobi PCEye mounts on the bottom of an LCD panel and connects to the PC via a USB port. After completing a one-time calibration, users can thus control their entire computer through gazing, blinking or dwelling on an item with their eyes.

"Ease of use, reliability and outstanding performance were our design goals for the PCEye," said Oscar Werner, Executive Vice President at Tobii Assistive Technology. "I believe that we have created a device that satisfies a very important need – those with high cognitive levels and motor skill impairments now have the computer access they need to lead a more independent life."

Although the company didn't get into the gritty details on how the device actually works, Tobii said that its eye tracking technology can effectively track nearly every user (over 95-percent) regardless of eye color, lighting conditions, environments or head movement. Tobii also said that its track box (explained as the box defining the area/volume in which a person's eyes can be tracked) is one of the largest on the market.

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